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Company Overview

Lykan Bioscience is a cell therapy-focused contract development and manufacturing organization headquartered in Hopkinton, MA.

Lykan was founded based on our vision of utilizing our extensive expertise in cell therapy development and manufacturing, to provide unequaled contract development and manufacturing services to our partners while optimizing their processes and accelerating their product development efforts.

Lykan Bioscience has established a world-class, purpose-built, multi-product cell therapy manufacturing facility. Advanced and integrated software systems enable real-time monitoring of the process and product, complete with electronic batch records that will support real-time testing and release of product from each of the eight clinical and commercial cGMP manufacturing suites. Lykan is strategically located in the proximity of four international airports which provides many options for the efficient receipt of patient material and delivery of product back to the patient.

Lykan Bioscience and our partners are transforming the future together, as we work collaboratively to provide new life-saving therapies to patients worldwide.

Our Passion

Our passion for the patients we serve inspires us to enable our partners to save lives. We are driven to be an innovative manufacturer of cell therapy based products, streamlining the production of high-quality, cost-effective cell therapies enabling access to patients that need them. Our team’s passion for patients uniquely defines us. It’s not about what we do; it’s about why we do what we do.


The difference is personal.

Our Mission

We offer our partners quality, agility and control as we advance their cell therapy products through development to commercialization. The Lykan facility is designed and validated for both clinical and commercial manufacturing which enables a rapid transition to commercial manufacturing.

As an integrated team, we will share a comprehensive understanding of your corporate and product development goals to ensure that Lykan appropriately prioritizes our resources and efforts to enable you to deliver on the commitments to your stakeholders.

Our mission is to partner with our clients to expedite time to market for cell-based therapies and  maximize patient access to cell therapies.

What’s in the Lykan name?

Transformative, Fast, Exclusive,
Exceptional, Powerful, Leader, Advanced, Agile, In Control.


Patrick Lucy

President & CEO

Keith McCormick


Kenneth LeClair


Kelly O’Hare

Senior Vice President of Operations

Sheli Streck

VP, Business Development and Marketing

Matthew Treon

VP, Facilities, Engineering and Capital Projects

Kathy Burri

Vice President of Quality

Jay Blackington

Head of People & Culture

Board of Directors

Peter Crowley


Anthony Rotunno

Founder and Executive Vice Chairman

Christopher (CJ) Burnes


Kristin M. Melocik


Anthony Hooper

Senior Advisor

Salvatore Guccione


Patrick Lucy