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Company History

Formed in early 2019, Lykan Bioscience is a privately held Manufacturing Services Organization (MSO) located in Hopkinton, MA.

With decades of biopharmaceutical industry experience in facility design, quality operations, and engineering, Lykan Bioscience provides the first true end-to-end solution for cell-based therapies.

Lykan Bioscience offers a 64,000 square-foot, purpose-built facility that has been uniquely designed to fully integrate CGMP principles and advanced software solutions.

Developed with our clients in mind, our proprietary software application platform allows for timely access to data, logistics, and expertise in driving treatments from clinical production through to commercial manufacturing.

Lykan Bioscience and our clients are Transforming the Future Together™, as we work collaboratively to provide new life-saving therapies to patients worldwide.

Our Mission

The combined characteristics of a modern machine (with a touch of humanity) and mythical creature symbolizes Lykan Bioscience as a company.  The team at Lykan Bioscience operates with a highly advanced way of thinking.  We offer our clients speed, agility, and control while accelerating their cell and gene therapy products from clinical through to commercial manufacturing.

As part of your team, our Manufacturing Services Organization (MSO) will transform what is traditionally offered in the CGT industry, as we guide you through your manufacturing journey.

Our mission is to partner with our clients, to maximize patient
accessibility and expedite time to market for cell-based therapies.

What’s in the Name?

Transformative, Fast, Exclusive,
Exceptional, Powerful, Leader, Advanced, Agile, In Control.


Patrick Lucy

President & CEO

Keith McCormick


Kenneth LeClair


Matthew Treon

VP, General Manager

Kelly O’Hare

VP, Head of Quality

Tim Largen

VP, Head of MSAT

Sheli Streck

VP, Business Development and Marketing

Fredericka Butler

Head of People & Culture

Board of Directors

Peter Crowley


Anthony Rotunno

Founder and Executive Vice Chairman

Christopher (CJ) Burnes


Christopher C. Petrini


Anthony Hooper

Senior Advisor

Heidi Hagan


Salvatore Guccione


Patrick Lucy


Our Passion

Our passion for the patients pushes us to innovatively enable our clients to save lives. We make it our business to improve and extend lives, even if it’s just by one day. Our team’s passion for patients uniquely defines us. It’s not about what we do; it’s about why we do what we do.


The difference is personal.


With over 3,109 life science companies in the Massachusetts area, staying connected with industry and local affiliations is very important to us.  We’re proud to be members!