Our SMART Manufacturing Facility

A year ago, our engineering, design, and operations teams etched in pencil what the future of cell-based therapies manufacturing should look like. In July 2020, we present to you, our SMART Manufacturing Facility.

Understanding what keeps our clients up at night was critical in our drive to develop and provide solutions to current manufacturing challenges.

About Lykan’s purpose-built SMART Manufacturing Facility:

  • First of its kind, multi-product CGMP manufacturing facility for cell-based therapies
  • 64,000 sq. ft. overall with 17,000 sq. ft. modular cleanroom space
  • Multiple, fully segregated processing suites
  • Customized Operational Logic to facilitate high-throughput & flexibility
  • Our Quality Management System supports the full product lifecycle (clinical through launch & commercial), with paperless operations reducing potential for human error
  • Proprietary Electronic Data Management System allows for real-time collection & integration of manufacturing process data (testing, equipment, facilities, inventory)
      • Enables accelerated data analysis & real-time lot release
      • Operations Control Center with 24/7 monitoring by Lykan
  • Provides our Clients with: Direct, secure on-line visibility of product & process data (e.g. scheduling, testing data, processing status, process data, & logistics)
  • Defined process flows ensure product integrity (CoI and CoC) from receipt of Donor/Patient material, through processing, storage in our Cell Pharmacy & shipment

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Innovative Workspace

Lykan’s headquarters offer our team an innovative space to collaboratively discuss ideas that will move the company into the future. Creativity and innovation are highly encouraged and rewarded at Lykan Bioscience.

Our facility and offices welcome our clients and our team members; enabling them to strive for excellence, collaboration and teamwork.