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Conference Presentations

April 13, 2021

Clinical Readiness of CART T Roundtable - ISCT 2021

Moderated by Patrick Hanley, PhD, Chief & Director, Cellular Therapy Program Children’s National Medical Center. Panelists include Ken LeClair, PhD, A.B., Peter Makowenskyj, MEng…

Industry Publications

September 15, 2021

State of the Industry Webcast

The BioProcess Insider editorial team sits down with Joshua Speidel, PhD, Partner, Latham Biopharm Group, Patrick Lucy, President and CEO, Lykan Biosciences, and Amélie Boulais, Head of Market Entry Strategy, Virus Based Therapeutics at Sartorius, to reflect on how the quarterly movements of the wider pharma industry are affecting the biomanufacturing space.

February 11, 2021

Industry Veteran Moves to Lykan Bioscience, and This Time It's Personal

In this episode of the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform podcast, we explore the evolution of cell and gene therapy production with new COO of Lykan Bioscience, Patrick Lucy…

Lykan Bioscience

December 8, 2021

Navigating Cell Therapy Supply Chain Challenges

The supply chain supporting cell therapies is long and complex. It begins at the location where material collection from a patient or donor takes place, continues through production and onward to study sites or hospitals. Chain of custody and chain of identity are essential and challenging to ensure. In this Q&A, Kelly O’Hare, Senior Vice President of Operations at Lykan Bioscience, provides insights into the supply chain challenges facing the cell therapy industry and offers perspective on how they can be resolved…

December 2, 2021

Build vs. Buy: A Critical Calculation for Cell Therapy Innovators

As a cell therapy candidate advances from discovery through clinical development, foundational decisions must be made by the product sponsor that will impact both scientific and commercial success. One of the biggest decisions is whether to build a manufacturing facility or outsource to a CDMO. In this e-book, we explore several key considerations that factor into making the best decision for your organization…

June 14, 2021

Lykan Bioscience's State-of-the-Art, Purpose-Built Cell Therapy Facility

With decades of experience in biopharmaceutical production and, more specifically, in cell therapy manufacturing, the team at Lykan Bioscience has leveraged their expertise to…