Slide Transforming The Future TogetherTM As a Manufacturing Services Organization™ (MSO), we will transform what
is traditionally offered in the Cell and Gene Therapy Industry. Together with our clients,
we will work collaboratively to provide new life-saving therapies to patients worldwide.


Manufacturing Services Organization

As part of your team, our Manufacturing Services Organization (MSO) will transform what is traditionally offered in the Cell & Gene Therapy industry as we guide you through your manufacturing journey.

Lykan Bioscience combines decades of industry experience with a drive to save lives, providing the first true end-to-end solution in cell and gene therapy, from patient sample collection, through manufacturing and to final product delivery.

Our purpose-built facility and proprietary software are uniquely designed to collect and integrate product and manufacturing data as well as providing direct client access to project information at any given time.


Why Choose Us

Through our SMART Manufacturing™ Facility, we are bringing the best of both worlds to our clients. Lykan offers the combination of a nimble Startup and the experience of a large CDMO, providing efficiency, speed, cost- effectiveness, high-throughput, and flexibility for cell-based therapies.

True end-to-end solutions for cell-based therapies

From patient sample collection at the HCP through to manufacturing and back to the patient.

Process automation & data integration

Automated collection and integration of manufacturing-related data throughout the process.


Accessibility to Data

Client visibility to the collected data, such as scheduling, testing data, processing status, process data, & logistics.

Expedite Time to Market

A successful partnership requires an optimization process for tech transfer. Lykan has proven experience…

Flexible Capacity

Lykan process allows for the rapid set-up of multiple manufacturing procedures. This ensures the…

Optimized Scalability

Lykan has the ability to rapidly prototype, benchmark and streamline the manufacturing processes…