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Anthony Hooper – Lykan Bioscience

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Amgen’s Executive Vice President, Global Commercial Operations

Anthony Hooper

Mr. Hooper served as Amgen’s Executive Vice President, Global Commercial Operations from 2011 to August 2018. Prior to joining Amgen, Mr. Hooper was Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations and President, U.S., Japan and Intercontinental at Bristol Myers Squibb Company (BMS).

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Mr. Hooper held senior leadership positions at BMS during his more than 15 year tenure there, including President, Americas and President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals, Worldwide Pharmaceuticals Group, a division of BMS. Prior to joining BMS, Mr. Hooper was Assistant Vice President of Global Marketing for Wyeth Laboratories. He currently serves on the board of MannKind Corporation, BeiGene Ltd. and Amplity. Mr. Hooper earned law and MBA degrees from the University of South Africa.

Mr. Hooper currently serves as Senior Advisor to Lykan Bioscience.

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